10/22 – 11/22/2016 – Anglers Nest RV Park, Los Indios, TX

These pictures are all birds. Some were labeled in my last post but many I’m not sure … so if you know, please pass on the info for those and I can put the correct name on the correct bird. I’m being lazy on some of the familair ones. Remember how nice I said people here are? Well, I had not known exactly the date I’d leave. Many were trying to convince me to stay through Thanksgiving. The weather and winds had me make the decision today to leave tomorrow. I went around to let some folks know. While working on these two posts, two couples came to tell me dinner was with them tonight – that I shouldn’t have to do anything tonight! As I said, wonderful people. I’m going to miss them.

And away we go ….

IMG_6667a (Custom)

IMG_6674a (Custom)

IMG_6700a (Custom)

IMG_6717a (Custom)

IMG_6720 (Custom)

IMG_6726a (Custom)

IMG_6730a (Custom)

IMG_6749 (Custom)

IMG_6785 (Custom)

IMG_6787a (Custom)

IMG_6792 (Custom)

IMG_6806a (Custom)

IMG_6863a (Custom)

IMG_6959a (Custom)

IMG_6962 (Custom)

IMG_6992 (Custom)

Tomorrow the trek to Arizona starts.