October 2016 – SD Rest Area

You just never know when a quick stop to take a breather and walk a dog might turn into something very interesting.





While I was walking around a tour bus made a stop here – planned rest stop here because of the statue! It was a nice respite.

Edit: Since the posting I’ve been asked questions. One friend, Liz, asked if the statue is Sacajawea. That was my first guess, but there was absolutely nothing there to say one way or the other. Some of us guessed it probably was, but because I wasn’t sure I didn’t say so. Another friend, Pat, has since answered the question with a marvelous link – which also tells me my timing was impeccable as the statue was almost brand new to the location:


Liz read the link and realized the artist of the statue has the same name as her maiden name – not a common name … so Pat found and provided the artists website (it would be very interesting if they were related somehow, eh? – the 6 degrees of separation?)


(Copy and paste the above links into your browser. For whatever reason, putting them in clickable isn’t working right now.)